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12th December, 2017

The Bose Mystery uncovered high quality film footage in Russia of the Tashkent Man during the Tashkent Peace Talks (1966). The material consists of hundreds of frames suitable for scientific analysis.

For our desktop viewers, a blurred out teaser of a portion of this footage can be seen in the background on the landing page.

Bose 1966 Color USSR.png

17th March, 2018

Our friends in Russia gave The Bose Mystery "the official right to use the frames in the scientific and educational goals worldwide, all media, in perpetuity."

Following this, a slew of different initiatives to analyze the footage were executed:

1. Facial analysis (Russia)

2. Biometric ear analysis (Canada)

3. Analysis of the bottom teeth

4. Analysis of the hands

5. Analysis of speaking and configuration of the lips during phoneme utterance

When The Bose Mystery Volume 1: The Tashkent Man is released, some of these analyses will become available here as supplementary and supporting material.

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