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The Bose Mystery Volume 2: The Molotov Meetings

In Progress

The Bose Mystery will finally publish the Molotov material from its Research Backlog.

Exactly what will be included depends largely on the permissions we are granted by the owners of the various private collections that make up this body of material.

We already have permission to publish some 20 photographs and some background information regarding several of the meetings. It is unlikely that we will receive permission to publish and analyze the full contents of the "booklets of the General" due to the politically and historically sensitive nature of the contents. Matters of such nature should be divulged by governments instead of a private research team.

In these photos, Subhas Chandra Bose has not disguised himself as in his other post-1945 appearances. In many cases, he is even wearing his trademark round framed glasses.

For the sole purpose of showing that Bose was alive well after 1945 and that he was in (and around) Russia, this book will be worth its weight in gold.

Bose 1949 Teaser.jpg
Bose 1953 Teaser.jpg
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